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Where have I been up to the past two years?
Recording, tallying, and presentation of multiple simultaneous events.
My first Random Thought Page, lol.

Where did the desktop and start-menu go? WindowsXP vs Windows 7 and 8. Posibly Windows9?
The three biggest reasons I have decided not to upgrade from XP, have to do with usability, or the lack there of in Windows7 and Windows8.

1) That whole IPX/SPX deal. I chose to have web-stuff on TCP/IP, and FileSharing on IPX/SPX for a reason. It keeps the My FileServer and My Printers inside My LAN, even if the Firewall/Proxy Server is compromised. It is a security measure that is outright Non-negotiable. The configuration of my HPSS has worked flawlessly for over fourteen yeas, there is no reason for me to mess it up. If your Operating system is incapable of talking to my Fileservers on Only IPX/SPX inside My LAN, then this discussion is over, you are wasting my time and yours.
IPX for filesharing, TIP for web.

2) With windows7, you are required to type in the start-menu in order to get to the program you want to start. The simple act of jumping back and forth from the Mouse/TrackBall to the keyboard is not the best method of an efficient interface.
XP Start Menue dose not block the view of the entire desktop
Windows8 Made it worse, by wiping out your view of open windows, when you won’t to start another program. Back are the days of PowerPoint blacking-out all the other monitors displaying important info. I don’t think so, That other monitor is there for a reason.
XP Desktop with two monitors
3) "O" and there is that whole bit about having multiple programs open and visible at the same time? I'm not talking about a thumbnail on the task-bar, The whole window in native resolution. The android-like interface of Windows8 appears to only allow one program at a time open in full-desktop view. Are the days of having multiple windows open where I want them on the desktop, gone forever?

XP real work example with many windows.
Computers are supposed to make our lives easier, not make our lives wait for the computer. It seams like the newer operating system require more compute-power to instantly respond to my clicks, then the simulations I have my ROCKS clusters performing. It is outright pathetic that Window98 can start up programs quicker on a single-core 450MHz computer, then anything I've seen on the showroom floor that is over ten times more powerful with newer operating system. Have they lost the ability to create a simple desktop that works without requiring a supercomputer to function responsively. I don't want a pretty-looking desktop, I want a computer that works when I tell it to, without making me wait for it to get it's desktop out of it's back-end.

I'm SETI user of the day, what!?
My SETI cluster has been running at diminished capacity due to dead power supplies and other failed RoHS compliant parts for the past several months. I have diverted the rest of the cluster to running SPICE simulations of my Headphone amplifier for the past two months, and I become SETI user of the day. You have got to be kidding me. I guess the global economy is worse then I thought.

The non-RoHS-complacent M.C.C.HPA17r16 idea pages are in progress. The input and output RFI filters are not finished yet.
By the way. If, you have an RoHS compliant 100% guaranteed NEPP approved solution for tin whiskers, I'll take it. Otherwise, Take your RoHS compliant tin whiskers and go hug some one else's trees. This is NOT, the United States of Europe.

Complacent [kuhm-pley-suhnt]; –adjective 1. pleased with oneself or one's merits advantages or situation, often without awareness or with complete disregard of some potential danger or defect.

RoHS vs NASA/DOD and Metal Whiskers.
RoHS prohibits the use of Lead (Pb) in electronics, where DOD and NASA need lead to inhibit the growth of Metal Whiskers in mission critical equipment. According to DOD documents, at least 3% Pb must be mixed in with Tin (Sn) to prevent the growth of Tin Whiskers. NASA still holds to the 60/40, 63/37 (Tin/Lead), and 62/36/2 (Tin/Lead/Silver) type solder for space flight hardware. This is most apparent in the picture at NEPP's site of a crystal that was not completely solder dipped to prevent the glass bottom from breaking. The non-solder dipped part of the pins grew Tin Whiskers, that can cause shorts if they get to long and/or break off.
The non-solder dipped part of the pins grew Tin Whiskers
So long as Lead is not allowed, Tin coated RoHS parts will never meet mission critical requirements. Tin is not the only metal to grow Metal Whiskers that eventually cause shorts in mission critical systems.

I am finally hard at work building my Burr-Brown Mission Control Center Headphone Amplifier. This mission critical amplifier will NOT be RoHS complaint, as Failure Is Not An Option.

Today I moved my site to a new provider.
My apologies if some of the content was unavailable over the weekend, I had some DNS difficulties uploading the pages to the new server. Things are better now. I am off to verify the W3C stuff, best of wishes till then.

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