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Me in 2002 Who is this mysterious person with the D&D Name.

Yes I use to play D&D, Vampire, and Werewolf. I still have my character sheets, dice, and books.
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- ECRC Bremerton WA
- Seacoast School of Tech, Exeter NH
- Exeter High, Exeter NH

I won't bore any one with my stories of being an outcast in grade school, so I'll move on to Votech. I tested out of my first year of Electronics, witch left the staff wondering what to do with me, my third year there. Pore Mr Galik, had to put up with us for three years. The things we would do to him. Were releasing the carbon from the Transistors, cause thats what makes them work. Plugging 16VDC1uF caps in to each others power-strips, just to see how loud they could get. Experimenting with, witch brand of 1.5V motor would last the longest under 50VDC operating conditions. While being actively cooled by TV-Tuner cleaner. How about rebuilding an automotive throttle body in class, while watching UCANDO videos.

because I can, here is the Electrodynamics graduation picture from 95. 
Old Classmates
I'm the one in the middle of the back row. Two many hours already in front of the monitors, back then.

Then there was the NAVY.
Think being a regular electrician is hard work, try being an EM(Electricians Mate) in Engineering department, on board a ship. six on, and six off, states it all. Working with deadly voltages on no sleep.

When I left the service, they were offering some free classes. So I decided that Electronic Commerce was right up my alley. I was at the time thinking about starting an ISP company. The pamphlet is very deceiving. they briefly cover the basics of making a web page as the intro. The rest of the course is on doing Internet based business with the government. AKA selling products from a web sight. Isn't that what Ebay is for?

I have since retired.

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