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Updated 22JUL2008
Where do I surf on a daily basses...
Well let me provide y'all with an updated links page for everyone to see for themselves

Clicking the links will open there page in this window, unless you selected otherwise (browser dependent on command key). That means you are leaving my sight and going to theres.

Now without further waiting, here is my bookmarks, dumped right onto this page.
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Befor Anything else, must have tuines... 
Digitally Imported
First Cup of Coffee

About time

Coffee starts to soak into brain

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there is more in here some where...

There are lots of calculators out there, however I almost exclusively start of by, "Google-ing-it".

If there search doesn't give me the answer to what I'm looking for directly, there is almost always a page in the results that has the answer.

And for some other simple calculators, there out there. Google-it.
"Graphical Resistance Calculator", "LED resistor calculator", "Circumference surface area calculator", "round wire inductance", "magnetic permeability", etc...

Truth is, I have at least five fifty-pound Engineering hand books. I don't think I have touched any of them in the past two years, thanks to Google.


time to jet. more to add latter.

This could be more time consuming then I thought.
not every sight is willing cough up a logo or banner.

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