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Home System Administrators Office.
Now a little outdated by MCC
This is an idea I got for a spare 10x12 bed room, for all those non-end-users that want an ungodly system terminal/mission control feel. The idea uses either a computer with two monitor outputs, or two computers with a keyboard/mouse switch. the display I had in mind is two 1280x1024 (or 1600x1200) ceiling mounted projectors with a viewing surface of about 5 x 3.75ft (approx 6ft diagonal ) each, on a single 10ft x 4ft wall mounted projector screen.
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The Room Draft

Approx 76kB B/W BMP

The Computer Rack I have in the draft is a 19in rack mount rack with the top the same hight as the desktop, this should add to the desktop space. I think that will have to be a home made unit witch I haven't drafted yet.

The ceiling mounts for the projectors will probably half to tilt the projector down towards the screen. I have drawn boxes to enclose the projectors in the room draft. again I haven't made a specific design for the boxes. The boxes will half to be made to fit around the projectors of choice, witch ever type and size they may be. The box will also half to provide sufficient ventilation for the projectors to remain cool. I expect to make a cable guide across the ceiling and down the wall for the cables going to the projectors.

Desk/room lighting should be shielded form the screen to prevent glare. I opted for in ceiling lighting to free up the desktop. The other concern is possible blocking the projectors with the lighting fixtures. It should be possible to install inset lighting fixtures in the ceiling to prevent this. I will either use incandescent or halogen lights, florescent have a tendency to flicker. There is a way to hook up a three bulb fixture to a three phase circuit to reduce that affect. I don't expect to have three phase 120 running threw my house to use for the lights.

The Room Draft

Approx 74kB B/W BMP

The desk is probable going to use 2 foot deep counter top with a downward edge on the front and back sides. I expect to use U-channel, or Box-channel beams (1"x1"x ?length) for the desktop frame, witch will connect the counter-top peaces together. I would like to use file cabinet track-slides for the keyboard tray (three part slide, heavy duty ones), to prevent the sloppy side-to-side feel that some generic computer desks have.

I'll have to revisit this desk at least. nothing can replace a good solid nuke-proof desk.
as well as other problems mentioned with this room layout... like the walkway in front of the desk, doors shouldn't go there.

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