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The Faster Computer
As it was 14AUG2000
This is not a cheat to make your PC faster, just a few ideas on the limitations of the going design of personal computers and a couple of ideas that could fix them. I'm intending to advise some people as what is a good investment and what could wait. I just recently upgraded a computer from a 350MHz to a 500MHz CPU. I didn't get the performance increase that I had expected to gain. The reason had nothing to do with incompatibilities or problems with the CPU, it's a grate CPU. The rest of the system,well.
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I'll start with windows swap file on my system. The swap file "Virtual Memory" is blitzing on my SCSI Heard drive, witch maxes out at 80MB/s. Then theres the SCSI controller, top of the line and fast. the heard drive system in my computer out preforms the PCI buss that it's connected to. Most computers to day have a ATA33 HDD system in them. The average threw put of the disk system is about 17MB/s, no where near fast enough to keep up with a 350MHz CPU, not to say 500 or 800 plus. The biggest reason why any system takes so long to boot up is the entire system is waiting on stuff to load from the HDD into memory.

The RAM once loaded is fairly fast, cruising along at 100, or 133 MHz. The CPU and AGP graphics card share the RAMs 100/133 MB/s connection to access data stored in the RAM, thanks to DMA. The CPU probably never has the full 100/133 MB/s access speed, reducing the possible system performance. In my opinion the RAM should operate as fast as the CPU, and no slower. No sense in wasting the funds to get an incredibly fast CPU, if the CPU will never reach it's maximum potential. Also the cash scheme that CPU manufactures use to overcome the RAM speed limitations, well they are not big enough. I was really delighted when I read about a dedicated back side L2-Cash on the new CPU's. Then I saw the size of these new caches with a "k" after it, and was disgusted. The Cash should be large enough to hold a complete program, not chunks if it. The CPU will still half to revert to RAM for the next instruction. When the RAM is running less one fifth as fast as the CPU, there will be little improvement with cash smaller them a Meg in size.

Common AGP Chipset Layout

Improvements on the going design is limited unless a complete restructure is done. We are in an era of 50+ Megabyte Operating systems, and large amounts of data threw put. The entire computer system should be improved, not just the CPU. Increasing the L2 cash to 4+ Megs would definitely start something good. Dedicating a disk drive controller buss off of the chip set would also improve windows performance, Say a HDD PCI slot. A 350MHz PCI Buss would do wonders to what computers can do. The new 133MHz System buss, and RAM, cant passably be anything more then a marketing gimmick, computers simply are not sold today with anything less then a 350MHz CPU. Instead of wasting the resources on a a mere 33MHz gain on a system that merely runs at a third of the CPUs speed is senseless. The resources should of been spent developing a system that runs at the speed of the current CPU, at least. I feel like the industries 133MHz answer to peoples request to a faster system buss is like trying to sell computer polish. Yes it dose improve the system, any improvement will, It is simply insignificant or pointless to do so. The manufactures can make CPUs that run at 1,000MHz, why can't they make the rest of the chips in the computer run at 1,000MHz? They have the Pipeline Scheme down for the CPUs, can't the computer manufactures implement the same scheme with the rest of the computer?

Computer Polish, for Super computer airodynamics.

Most Servers to day still run 200MHz Processors, and there owners spend more money on the rest of the system then the CPU's. I think they probably figured out that any CPU faster then 200MHz on a 100MHz system buses gives them no performance increase what so ever. In my opinion after upgrading several computers is that most of the systems today are more gimmicks to sell, then any real performance boosting gear. I'm not going to be getting another 500MHz computer till it is sporting at least a 250MHz System buss. besides I can do the same with four 200MHz computers, and it costs me less then the newest and greatest computer.

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