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Why is the EasyWatch all that, and some?

This unit can be installed in a computer, then I can run the computer threw a battery of load tests, manually recording when and how temperatures rise or fall. I now know what is running hot, and what is fine. After making a mod to the case, or changing the location of a Fan-control sensor. I can run the computer threw the same tests again, to measure the difference the modification made to the cooling performance of the computer.

In the past I could only test the readings with an inferred thermometer that required the case to be open during the test, find a way to place a bulky outdoor sensor close to the hot item, or run a motherboard status program in the background. All of These methods require operating the computer under conditions it is not normally running.

The EasyWatch can be placed into a floppy drive bay adapter, then inserted into an unused CDROM bay. This dose not change the air flow in the case at all, unless the CDROM cover plate had vents in it.  The minuscule power requirements reduce the effect of powering the unit off the computer's power supply. The display allows me to directly watch how the temperatures are effecting the fans RPM, and how well there RPM increase is effecting the sensed parts temperature.

In the end, the toy I purchased, ended up being an invaluable case mod effectiveness measurement tool.

 I had purchased a second EasyWatch, only to find the display angle, less legible then the first one. The lower segments of the digits across the entire display flickering in and out (like a bad connection in a cheep calculator display), After being on for a week, the flickering went away??? The sound meter seams to be stuck at mid-point, occasionally spiking to the voltage fluctuations on the 5 volt rail. The latter being much more useful if I could figure out the voltage scale it seams to be displaying. So I guess at this point the EasyWatch display has a 50/50 track record. The second unit is still just as accurate with the temps, and fan RPM measurements as the first one. It might be a loose piece of conductive rubber stuff in the display or cold solder joint, I have yet had time to look at the unit further after initially plugging it in.

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Home > IdeasEasyWatch, Intro.
Box and Unit.
Under the scope.
Testing Methods & Mods.

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